Hawaiian Green Turtle Red List Assessment Revised

A version of a Red List Assessment of the Hawaiian subpopulation of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) was completed by Nicolas Pilcher, Milani Chaloupka, and Erin Woods and submitted by the MTSG to IUCN for consideration late last year. This followed a review of the draft assessment by the entire MTSG and the Assessment Steering Committee, and multiple rounds of revision.

The IUCN Red List Office recently provided comments on the draft 2011 assessment and considered that our conclusion of a Near Threatened status was not consistent with the restricted area of habitat assessment criterion used in the draft assessment. We had erred on the side of caution by concluding Near Threatened but on further reflection we have now revised the assessment given a more detailed consideration of the assessment Criterion B.

The proposed category listing of this subpopulation is now Least Concern, given the re-assessment of status according to Criterion B2 (Area of Occupancy). The revised version of the assessment is now available for download here (PDF). The changes in the revised document from the previous are highlighted.

If you are a MTSG member and would like to comment on this revised assessment, please review the document and submit any comments directly to Milani Chaloupka (m.chaloupka@uq.edu.au) by Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

Please note that the revised assessment is not considered official until it has been accepted by IUCN. We will update this site as we hear from IUCN regarding their review of the revised assessment.

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