Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We envision marine turtles fulfilling their ecological roles on a healthy Planet where all Peoples value and celebrate their continued survival.

Our Mission:

To develop and support strategies, set priorities, and provide tools that promote and guide the conservation of marine turtles, and their ecological roles and habitats.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Providing advice and practical support to those who manage and conserve marine turtles;

  2. Using and synthesizing the best multidisciplinary science and information and innovative approaches;

  3. Ensuring that conservation is guided by the biological constraints of marine turtles such as delayed maturity, long distance migrations and dependence on multiple habitats;

  4. Building and promoting diverse and dynamic partnerships among stakeholders including local communities to ensure effective networking and synergy;

  5. Promoting universal appreciation of the values of marine turtles and their habitats through varied means to diverse people;

  6. Building capacity to educate, inspire and empower people to conserve marine turtles and their habitats;

  7. Recognizing that marine turtles are a shared international resource;

  8. Promoting conservation and population monitoring efforts that are long-term in nature and anticipate environmental change;

  9. Integrating local, national, and international conservation efforts;

  10. Recognizing that marine turtle conservation is integrally linked to broader conservation issues.

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