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Hawaiian Green Turtle Red List Assessment Submitted to IUCN

  UPDATE (1/30/2012): After review by IUCN, the Red List Assessment of Hawaiian green turtles has been revised and is pending re-submission. See this post for details. The final version of a Red List Assessment of the Hawaiian subpopulation of … Continue reading

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New MTSG Publication Defines Global Priorities for Marine Turtle Conservation

We are pleased to announce the results of the first comprehensive status assessment of all sea turtle populations globally in a paper published today in the journal PLoS ONE.  The study, designed to provide a blueprint for marine turtle conservation and … Continue reading

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Scientists Estimate 90% Reduction in Accidental Sea Turtle Deaths in U.S. Fisheries

A study published this month (PDF available here) estimates that the number of sea turtles accidentally caught and killed in United States coastal waters has declined by an estimated 90-percent since 1990, a dramatic reduction achieved in fisheries where specific … Continue reading

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Brazil Publishes National Red List Assessments for Marine Turtles

In order to define the actions most needed to protect Brazil’s national fauna, the conservation status of each species must be assessed to identify primary threats, sites of importance for protection, and compatibility with human activities. Such status assessments also … Continue reading

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MTSG Co-Chair Dr. Nicolas Pilcher Honored as an IUCN Conservation Hero

Marine Turtle Specialist Group Co-Chair Dr. Nicolas Pilcher is honored this month as one of IUCN’s Conservation Heroes for his extensive work in marine turtle conservation. Based in Sabah, Malaysia where he founded Marine Research Foundation, a local non-profit organization, Nick … Continue reading

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