Marc Girondot

Country: France

Occupation & employer: Full University Professor, Université Paris-Sud

Specialty: Population ecology

Geographic areas of expertise: Central Africa, French Guiana, French West Indies, North Africa

Best part about my job: I like to guide and help young scientists. In particular, I like to help them develop original views rather than simply repeating what other people think.

The most unusual or exciting thing that’s happened to me while working in the field: In the late 80s, during a night patrol on Yalimapo beach in French Guiana, I saw a green-yellow circular light moving out of the water, crossing the beach, and disappearing into the vegetation. I was fully awake, but I have no idea what it could have been…

Turtle researcher / conservationist I most admire: Tony Tucker… Yes, Tony, sorry, you didn’t know that, but don’t feel too old! I met Tony while I was a student in molecular biology. While talking with Tony during hours spent on the beach, I discovered that ecology was really a science. I still appreciate talking with him. A word that best describes what I think about him is: honest. But I cannot leave this section without also naming Claude Pieau, Jack Frazier and Nicholas Mrosovsky.

When I’m not working on turtles, I like to: Cooking is my real passion.

Relevant links to find out more about me and my work: My publications are listed and downloadable here, and information about the laboratory I head in Paris may be found here. Below are links to PDFs of some of my recent publications:

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