Thushan Kapurusinghe

Country: Sri Lanka

Occupation: Project Leader, Turtle Conservation Project (TCP), Sri Lanka

Best part about my job: Working with poor coastal community members

Biggest challenges I face: Lack of support from the relevant government agencies such as the Wildlife Dept.; continued funding of programs already initiated; governance of human behaviour.

The most unusual or exciting thing that’s happened to me while working in the field: A coconut fruit fell on the head of a volunteer who had to be taken to the hospital. No damage or harm was reported, but now he is patrolling the beach more often, rather than sitting on the beach

Why I like being a member of the MTSG: It allows me to exchange and share knowledge. It also provides me additional value and encouragement

Turtle researcher / conservationist I most admire: Mr. Peter Richardson for initiating TCP in Sri Lanka

When I’m not working on turtles I like to: Explore other wildlife in Sri Lanka

Ten years from now, I hope I will be doing: Further expansion of community-based marine and coastal conservation initiatives in Sri Lanka

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