Sea turtles in the Mediterranean: Distribution, threats and conservation priorities (2010)

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Casale, P. and Margaritoulis, D. (Eds.) 2010. Sea turtles in the Mediterranean: Distribution, threats and conservation priorities. 2010. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN. 294 pp.

The Mediterranean Sea is a virtually enclosed basin that is frequented by three sea turtle species. In the last three decades the interest in sea turtles in the Mediterranean has continuously increased, motivated by a growing concern for these threatened animals. There has also been a great interest and need to develop adequate knowledge about their threats and about the biological and ecological parameters that are relevant for their conservation. However, the number of countries, the variety of languages and the number of people involved in the region represent intrinsic difficulties for the diffusion of information and for coordinating large-scale actions. This report approaches these challenges head-on, by providing information about turtle occurrence, threats, conservation status and perspectives for each country. It can also help to diffuse information about successful models and lessons that have been learned throughout the region, and ultimately promote and improve cooperation for conservation.

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