MTSG Structure & Role

The MTSG is presently overseen by Chair Roderic Mast who is based in Washington, DC, USA. They are supported by the MTSG’s Program Officer, Brian Hutchinson, who is also based in Washington, DC, USA. The group is administered under the auspices of Oceanic Society, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Ross, California, USA.

The 220+ members that comprise the MTSG are organized into twelve geographic regions, each overseen by one or more Regional Vice Chairs. To learn more about these regions or visit sections of this site curated by each region visit our “Regions” section.

One of the MTSG’s primary responsibilities is the completion of Red List Assessments for each of the seven sea turtle species. These exhaustive status reviews, which are revised every 5-10 years, draw on the group’s collective expertise and available data to assess the risk of extinction of each species. This process is overseen internally by the MTSG Red List Focal Point, Dr. Bryan Wallace, who leads an internal Assessment Steering Committee which guides the completion of all assessments. For more information on Red List Assessments, visit our Red List section, and the the IUCN Red List website at