In 1998 the Marine Turtle Specialist Group recognized the need to concentrate more on regional collaborative efforts for conserving marine turtles. To meet this need, the MTSG, under the chairmanship of Alberto Abreu-Grobois, incorporated a regional structure into its organization. Thus, Regional Groups, led by Regional Vice-Chairs, were gradually constituted. Most of these regional chairs originated from the members of the MTSG Executive Committee of the time. Regional Groups were tasked to identify key issues, focus MTSG actions on regional priorities and establish collaborations with key organizations and institutions at all levels.

Today, the MTSG is organized into 10 geographic regions, each overseen by a Regional Vice Chair or Chairs, as listed below. Members are grouped within regions according to their primary location of work. If a member’s work is global in nature or cuts across several regions, that member is organized within their region of residence. To learn more about each region, follow the links below.

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