The Mediterranean was one of the first Regional Groups to be established within the MTSG, and it originally consisted of about 20 members. This occurred in 1999 with Dimitris Margaritoulis designated as its Regional Vice-Chair.

A primary aim of this newly created regional group was to improve communication among its members, who until then were only loosely connected, if not isolated from each other. Another step was to update and expand the membership to involve as many countries as possible, in order to have a better regional representation. A very important move was the creation of a regional email listserv, MedTurtle, which has greatly assisted in bringing together turtle workers across the Mediterranean. In addition to this, the so-called Mediterranean Meetings in the context of the Annual Sea Turtle Symposia, initiated in February 2001 in Philadelphia, were catalytic in creating and tightening bonds not only among MTSG members but also among many young people, some of whom subsequently have become members. These open meetings give the opportunity to discuss problems that turtles face at the nesting beaches and at sea, current and future projects, methodologies and techniques, and generally to exchange ideas, news and views on research and conservation issues concerning marine turtles in the region.

On a more practical side, the improved communications among researchers facilitated the design and implementation of regional projects which have produced some very interesting and significant findings.

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